Hotel Management System

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Features of hotel management software


Front office operations

It allows easy check-in and check-out process for the hotel staff. Just like any other operations, the front office staff may have to make changes to reservations such as room change, change dates, assign rooms, and so forth. Any modifications or changes are reflected immediately in the cloud hotel management software; which makes the entire process easy.


Booking and reservations management

With the help of an online hotel software, hotels can handle walk-ins and offline bookings with ease. An efficient hotel software will easily distinguish between the different sources and update the records for future reference.


Meal plan

Often, you'd want your meal plans to be mapped with your rate plans and room types. With our cloud-based hotel management system, you can easily handle your hotel meal plans, and all the activities revolving it.


Connected with online channels?

Yes, you can receive orders from booking, Expedia and much more in realtime also is connected with other vvircompany apps!

Restaurant POS System


Waiter App